Stacy Lambert Pottery Cyclops Face Jug NC


A couple years ago on 11/11/11, Stacy Lambert got married to his lovely wife Vonda, and moved slightly north to Clemmons, NC from Asheboro. Recently they moved back to Asheboro, and that's once again where he now he turns and creates his folk pottery. This is a classic Stacy painted face jug, but completely new style with the starfish face! There's also a witty story/poem, that only Stacy would think up. He incorporates the starfish, with the center as cyclops one-eye face! In this story, Stacy relates how this unique sea creature gets caught by the divers that were searching for sea cucumbers. The face jug stands 6.5″ by 5.5″ max width. Mint condition. $15 s/i.

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