Stacy Lambert Pottery Turtle Figural NC


Here’s a new version/style of turtle by potter Stacy Lambert, with all the great intricate/detailed painting for which Stacy is famous. In this example there is a double-headed yellow turtle with a fighting scene painted on its back. A prancing centaur battles with a fierce tiger snarling down. The centaur looks down as he confidently holds his staff for defense. The ground is blood red. Stacy employs the color yellow to paint many of his figures on his pottery. In fact, two of Stacy's signature colors are yellow as well as lime green. The turtle has red dots decorating the turtle body. The turtle length is 8″ by 4″ max width. Signed & dated 12-31-2013 by Stacy on base. Mint Condition. $15 s/i.

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