Stacy Lambert Pottery Lidded Goblet NC


A couple years ago on 11/11/11, Stacy Lambert got married to his lovely wife Vonda, and moved slightly north to Clemmons, NC from Asheboro. Recently they moved back to Asheboro. And that's where he now again turns and creates his folk pottery. This is a classic Stacy form and due to complex, time-consuming nature of the form, he has decided to cease making the decorated goblet. This is an opportunity to purchase an example of this form. The goblet is true work of folk art gone to a crazy level. Stacy spent loads of time creating eat of the figurals that decorate the goblet & lid. The goblet stands 10″ tall (i.e. the top or finial is the little guy sitting on the dog) by 5.5 max width. Overall excellent condition; there are some firing lines, as pictured on the base (i.e. no breakage or instability). Hence though the price is very reasonable. $20 s/i.

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