Stacy Lambert Pottery Painted Pig NC


A couple years ago on 11/11/11, Stacy Lambert got married to his lovely wife Vonda, and moved slightly north to Clemmons, NC from Asheboro. Recently they moved back to Asheboro, and that once again where he now he turns and creates his folk pottery. This is a classic Stacy figural, but it is painted and that is rare for him to paint one of more basic figurals. On this hot pink painted pig, Stacy employs two of his traditional themes, that of a dinosaur and also an open lock. Stacy told me once that he likes to employ the lock concept because we are surrounded by things such as doors, windows, safes, etc. that must be open, closed and sometimes locked. A simple observation made by him about life, that a number of people have queried about that it has personal trauma or history to Stacy. Nope, sorry, no wacky story, just an amazing artist that likes to incorporate life around him, into his folk art. The pig stands 4.5″ tall with a length (sans the cork) of 8.5″. Mint condition. $15 s/i.

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