Stacy Lambert Walter Fleming Pottery


Its a pleasure to be able to share this unique collaboration between two potters, Stacy Lambert & Walter Fleming, from 2 regions of NC Pottery Tradition, the Seagrove/Piedmont and Catawba Valley. This collaboration was Stacy's idea, particularly when he was living in Clemmons, NC relatively closer to Walter, in Statesville. Recently Stacy moved back to Asheboro, and this collaboration between may continue, but possibility may not because of the longer 'commute' between them. The glaze is the classic Stacy blue, while the clay was supplied by Walter. And Walter also turned the jug. Both faces are classic styles for each of the potters. And in this pot, Stacy probably gave Walter some of old blue Milk of Magnesia bottle glass, to add the glass run decoration. The face jug stands 12.5″ by 8.5″ max width. Signed by both potters on the base. Mint condition. $25 s/i.

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