Catawba Valley Jug NC 2.5 G Late 1800’s


NCPottery shares some very nice antique southern pottery too! This late 19th alkaline-glazed wood-fired jug is a classic from the Catawba Valley of NC and in mint condition. Very rare '2.5' gallonage mark. The darker green drippy glaze is superbly eye-appealing. Based upon other jugs and pots marked NB (or Nelson Bass) with the over 1 with a 1/2 mark (plus other qualities), it is potentially attributable to that shop. Most definitely a finely turned jug and lightness in weight. Nice feldspar (i.e. called quartz) small pearls in the glaze. The jug stands 14″ tall by 8″ max width. $30 s/i.

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